Lagoon 450 Two Hulls & Tulips Sailing Experience

Lagoon 450 Two Hulls & Tulips Sailing Experience


Sign up for our spring Two Hulls & Tulips Sailing Experience. This is an exclusive boating event for those wanting to experience the comfort of sailing the bay on the new Lagoon 450 SporTop catamaran. Join us and discover the ease of sailing a catamaran and all the services Passage Nautical has to offer.

We’ll sail Sunday on a 3-hour sail with plenty of time to enjoy the boat and the Bay. We’ll motor out of the Oakland estuary making our way to the City Front and Alcatraz then reaching back home with a glass of fine champagne and food served along the way. This is a private event with and only 6 people per outing. This is a 3-hour experience of catamaran sailing that will be unlike any other.

Sailing times: 11am - 2pm & 3pm - 6pm

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