Cosplay Comedy

Cosplay Comedy


You might see a member of the Jokestice League or the IncrediLOLs, cause comedians will be telling jokes in cosplay, in character. Our Hulk of a lineup have you laughing harder than vibranium. This Marvelous show in LA has gone to cons, game stores, and all the shires where nerds live. Now its making the Star Trek to the Rey Area.

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment is a 501c3 nonprofit with over 5,300 playable video games. $12 online/$15 at the door gets you access to the show and raffle prizes, and another $5 gets you access to all the games! (discount passes for 6:00-10:00 PM available at the MADE front desk. Just show ‘em your show ticket.) Hadou-Can you make it? Suuuuure you can!

Recommended ages 16+ for language and content.

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