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Cooking With Chef Tu

Cooking With Chef Tu


As a chef in the spotlight, Chef Tu has been exposed to some amazing recipes and cooking techniques that he'd like to share to have/re-establish community during this time of physical distancing from our friends, family and community.

As of 5/31, he will be hosting virtual cooking classes, bi-weekly, on Sundays. And will be covering a range of different courses such as: 
  • Fried Rice 
  • Fish Sauce
  • Vietnamese Cuisine for Kids 
  • Vietnamese Sausages 
  • Vietnamese BBQ
  • Baos
  • Caviar
  • And other topics as well

Classes are $20. Chef Tu has also provided a 10% discount code. Students get a Downloadable PDF Kit upon purchase

Learn more, and sign up for classes here!

Event Info

  • Dates: 7/12/2020
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