Concrete Utopia | Rachelle Bussières and Courtney Sennish

Concrete Utopia | Rachelle Bussières and Courtney Sennish


Concrete Utopia | Rachelle Bussieres and Courtney Sennish

Fragments of urban life and daydreams unite the works of Rachelle Bussieres and Courtney Sennish in Concrete Utopia on view at Johansson Projects. The works lure you in through their use of color and material; comparing the softness of a sky palette to the texture of concrete. Both artists, sculpting their mediums, record different processes of perceiving, experiencing and relating to the physical world.

For Rachelle, the lumen print process allows her to layer colored light exposures of cut shapes to build a glowing geometric presence. She considers the light of specific geographical locations when creating. In the darkroom, in the studio and outside, her shapes are manipulated, overlapped or aligned, to create records of sculpted moments. The dusty pinks and lavenders regress next to glowing yellow shapes, akin to lunar moments viewed through architecture. The photograms radiate next to Courtney’s concrete sculptures which stand as silent urban monuments. Her sculptures are made of familiar textures and materials that become symbols of our constructed landscape. She stacks, puzzles and combines moments recorded during her city walks. In her work, our relationship to nature within the built environment is recorded as a single tree shadow.

Both artists explore place and intuition; this combination leaving us somewhere between the extremes of light and concrete.

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