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Calligraphies in Conversation: Wisdom in the East - Opening Reception

Calligraphies in Conversation: Wisdom in the East - Opening Reception


Curated by Arash Shirinbab

NOTE: A GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign is currently running to support this exhibition. Deadline is November 25th. Click here to view the full details and consider donating today!

“Calligraphies in Conversation” intends to bring diverse communities of the Bay Area together to share their culture and stories through the art of writing and calligraphy. In a diverse region such as the Bay Area, there are ever more and more communities who wish to explore the way another culture thinks, speaks, prays, reads, and writes. This multicultural exhibition explores how the word of wisdom is expressed via the art of calligraphy through the Asia continent, from Far East to Central Asia, South Asia, and Near East.

Opening Reception: November 23, 2019, 6 – 8 p.m.

Featuring calligraphy demos with master calligraphers

Free and Open to the Public

Participating Artists: Arash Shirinbab & Forrest Lesch Middelton, Debra Self, Ema Kubo, Feng Jin, Kristian Kabuay, Liza Dalby, Mok Kam Cheung, Pamela Rickard, Ronald Y. Nakasone, and Rutu Palav.

For more information about the exhibition, visit or contact

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