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Bochan Huy Live Concert "Celebrating Our HeART-filled Heritage"

Bochan Huy Live Concert "Celebrating Our HeART-filled Heritage"

  • 388 Ninth St., Suite 290, Oakland, CA 94607
  • Neighborhood: Chinatown
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FREE for all ages!

Details & RSVP:

Cambodian American artist Bochan Huy will present a powerful live performance along with pianist Arlen Hart Ginsburg at OACC. Following the performance Bochan and Arlen will lead an interactive workshop exploring the healing power of music. We will examine how rhythm, melody, and lyrics all work together to heal our bodies, provide mental clarity, and capture our shared emotions and experiences.  We will also explore the various aspects of what makes music music.  From the pentatonic scale exercise to turning noise and sound into a melodic rhythm, to the composition of lyrics and melodies, together we will experience the birth of a song and art of performance.

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