Black Dance in Louisiana w/ Greer Mendy

Black Dance in Louisiana w/ Greer Mendy


Black Dance in Louisiana w/ Greer Mendy—Guardian of a Culture presents Louisiana’s traditional black dance genres as esteemed art. More importantly, the class teaches how these honored artistic practices were removed from their original intended purposes and instead developed as societal processes that were continued for the emotional and physical release for a people subjected to enslavement and racism. Louisiana’s black dance is placed as a continued essential element of the music-song-dance trilogy of African oral tradition, and as essential to the cultural fabric of Louisiana, not only as dance, but as identity, artistic, spiritual, social and political thought. The dance movements are traditional, sacred and secular. The movements are prescribed and unabashed improvisational, but above all, they express powerful social and historical commentary. Bounce, Eastern Rock, Second Line, Southern Dancing Dolls, Zydeco will be explored.

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