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Awakening Body Awareness - Master Series 2022 with Dr. Paul Ciske

Awakening Body Awareness - Master Series 2022 with Dr. Paul Ciske

  • 41 Tunnel Rd., Oakland, CA 94705
  • Neighborhood: Montclair Village/Oakland Hills
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These series will focus on an exploration of the body through movement to assess deficiencies and restrictions, and offering tools and techniques for possibly alleviating the issues before they become a more major problem. This promotes self-efficacy in addressing potential problems and self-care with compassion. The movements can be done supine, side-lying, prone, seated and in standing positions which alters the relationship to gravity and the ranges of motion available.

About Dr. Paul E. Ciske, Ph.D., MATm, RTSm

The purpose of his work is to be of service in assisting others attain an improved state of Well-Being that allows for an increased capacity to perform life, recreational, and sport activities of their choosing. This is accomplished through re-balancing techniques for the body’s neural and muscular systems, movement training, Health and Wellness coaching, the work of Leadership/Conscious Embodiment and T’ai Chi Chih – Joy Through Movement.

Open to adults ages 21 and over. Limited spaces available. Advanced registration is required via email by Monday, 7/25:

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