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Antidote | A Group of Installations Inviting Reverie

Antidote | A Group of Installations Inviting Reverie


We are seeking catharsis. We are creating spells of catharsis. Our work exists as a collective aspect of our transformations, offering the resonant waves of our actions in creation. The perceptions we position ourselves in, and the questions we pull from our guts lead to metaphysical shifts which bubble not only in ourselves but into the society of which we are a part. By examining our place in societal structures, we peer inside both the world around us and ourselves, contemplating our histories in order to create shifts in the present. We are sorcerers creating gateways to reimagine possibilities in what often seems to be an impossible world. Our works are windows into a spiritual realm, where the very fibers of existence can be restrung.

Aggregate Space Gallery is pleased to present this group of works that act as invitations, portals, and pathways to which the “other side” of such thresholds is a space of rest and contemplation, both engaging this moment in the hopes of transforming and delivering us from it.

Featuring works by John Felix Arnold, Joel St. Julien, Heesoo Kwon, Calli Roche, and Andrew Sungtaek Ingersoll

Opening Reception: Friday, July 8th, Friday 6-9pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, July 16th, 11am PT/ 2pm ET
First Friday Event: Saturday, August 5th, 5-8pm

Gallery Hours
Saturdays 1-5 pm and by appointment

Artist Bios

John Felix Arnold
Arnold’s multi-disciplinary practice confronts and reimagines mythologies which have influenced the world we live in. Through a range of both formal and experimental modes of artmaking his work evokes a sort of alchemy, leading to a sense of urgency or catharsis at moments while maintaining a meditative posture of contemplation and transcendence at others.

Joel St. Julien
Joel St. Julien is a Haitian-American composer, musician, songwriter, and sound artist based in San Francisco. He is a firm believer in experimentation/fusion with acoustic and electronic elements in sound oscillating through escapism and the mysticism of the present tense.

Heesoo Kwon
Bay Area based artist Heesoo Kwon is known for her ever-evolving feminist liberation of her family, community and herself through the autobiographical feminist religion Leymusoom. Kwon uses technology as ritualistic tools to call her ancestors, channel their lives, and visualize the spiritual interaction they have.

Calli Roche
Calli uses their background in textiles, specifically sewing and patternmaking to create artifacts to reflect socio-political narratives that arise out of a jumbled stream of consciousness. Frequently working with reclaimed objects (wood, skins, and textiles), the materials take on varied ontological significance in each piece yet frequently reference the fraught relationships between violence, identity, and sexuality while also aiming to disrupt western distinctions between art and craft and create space for Black mediocrity as a site of critique.

Andrew Sungtaek Ingersoll
Utilizing elements from traditional Korean crafts and music combined with commonly manufactured items such as sporting equipment and domestic objects, Ingersoll creates sculptural inventions and installations through processes of wood and metal fabrication, DIY robotics, and self-taught engineering.

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