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Alexi Antoniadis + Susie Taylor | Origin Stories

Alexi Antoniadis + Susie Taylor | Origin Stories


Origin Stories is a graphically adventurous exhibition made up of sculptural and textile works by artists Alexi Antoniadis and Susie Taylor. The exhibition as a whole reflects the artists’ explorations of modernism, memory, and our surrounding environment through the optics of line, pattern, color and abstraction.

Susie Taylor’s textile panels–handcrafted with a traditional loom and cotton or linen yarn–seduce the eye with vibrant colors and geometric motifs. The motifs in her latest series are records from our everyday surroundings: lined paper, lawn chairs, referee jerseys, and Neapolitan ice cream, to name a few. The panels include intersecting lines that give us a bird’s eye view of our own memories associated with these iconic patterns. Susie’s work dissolves the space between art and craft practices, positioning weaving at the core of her exploration of aesthetics. Susie is a Bay Area-based artist, and looks not only to Anni Albers but also Sol Lewitt, Agnes Martin, Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly. She studied, worked and continues to create within the lineage of the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College weavers. Some of her greatest influences come from these legendary weaving workshops and/or from their students, like Kay Sekimachi’s dimensional weavings.

Alexi Antoniadis’ colorful steel artworks occupy a space between painting and sculpture, combining graphic abstraction and three dimensional line drawing. Alexi encourages viewers to draw their own meaning from his works as they are ultimately a record of the artist’s ongoing formal exploration. Alexi arrives at his compositions through an improvised process of drawing, metalwork and painting. Sometimes the work will manifest as a three dimensional form, as a flat cut-out or any combination of the two. Alexi is based in Natick, Massachusetts and finds his inspiration from the modern masters, as well as prehistoric influences like petroglyphs left behind by the Jordana Mogollon Indians (who inhabited New Mexico 900 to 1400 AD). “For me, seeing [the petroglyphs] gave me a deeper understanding of my own work and reinforced new ideas upon returning to the studio. I really appreciated how the petroglyphs connected mankind and nature through line, pattern and abstract symbols. I started to think of my own personal iconography and compositions in that way.” Within this context, he explores color, positive and negative space, light and shadow. Every sculpture is riffing off the idea of flatness or the picture plane in some way.

Like Susie’s work, Alexi’s sculptures convey a sense of symbiosis between connected lines. Planning out designs in sketchbooks–in Susie’s case, with mathematical accuracy–is a huge part of their artistic processes. Created on manual looms, Susie’s panels stand in contrast to the industrialized finish of Alexi’s steel sculptures, yet both present the subjectivity of visual representation and the craftsmanship and work ethic of contemporary technologies. The historically gendered labor clichés underlying textile mediums and steel sculpture are superficially approached, as Alexi creates the illusion of lightness and delicacy in his work and Susie makes no apologies with her bold designs.

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