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A Harmonious Blend of R&B, Soul and Neo-Soul with Anthony David & Susan Carol

A Harmonious Blend of R&B, Soul and Neo-Soul with Anthony David & Susan Carol


Anthony David's music draws inspiration from R&B, soul, and folk genres, and his lyrics often tackle social and political issues.

He has been compared to the legendary Bill Withers for his soulful voice and Introspective lyrics.

He released his first album, "Three Chords &The Truth," in 2004, which received critical acclaim and led to a record deal with India.Arie's Soulbird label. His second album, "The Red Clay Chronicles," featured collaborations with India.Arie and Algebra Blessett. In 2008, David released his third album, "Acey Duecy," which earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for the song "Words." His music has been praised for its sincerity and emotional depth.

In 2019, David paid tribute to Withers with his album, "Hello Like Before", which included covers of Withers' songs like "Lovely Day" and "I Can't Write Left-Handed." More recently, David paired with Algebra Blessett once again and topped the charts with a rendition of the classic "heaven" and topped the gospel charts, further proving genre bending ability and love for all genres. David has continued to release critically acclaimed albums, and has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe, sharing the stage with artists like India.Arie, Angie Stone, and John Legend.

Overall, Anthony David's soulful and socially conscious music, has earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Susan Carol

Each generation has that one voice that will always be synonymous with its sound…Susan Carol possesses that voice. This Ft. Worth, TX native is the epitome of her gospel roots. Being raised in church, the root of everything she writes and sings is from a place of pure love.

At an early age, her poetic gift emerged and became the therapy that soothed her soul amidst life’s adversities and its blessings. That gift gave birth to the purity of her pen – a pen that now soothes our souls through her authentic lyrics, a tranquilizing tone and a voice that lays splendidly atop of poetic mastery.

In 2016, Susan’s debut album, Alchemy, was a reflection of the young woman she was becoming while navigating her atmosphere. Now, on the heels of her sophomore release, we hear who that young woman became. Her upcoming project is chalked with R&B, pop and “churchy” soul jams in which Susan Carol unapologetically makes soul music that delivers a cohesive message of love and authenticity. She is an experience you don’t want to miss.

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