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2ME4U: Stories of Self-Exploration From the Heart (LIVE STREAM)

The dates for this event have already occurred, please check back again for new dates.

2ME4U: Stories of Self-Exploration From the Heart (LIVE STREAM)


When was the last time you were truly intimate with yourself?

2ME4U is a live talk show format focused on intimate self-exploration for men of color. This series builds community through shared vulnerability and reflective healing.  

What It Is:

  • Men owning their truths - new voices every show

  • Raw, unfiltered, and unscripted - a safe space to be authentic

  • Social. Fun. Unorthodox - often taboo wellness topics

What It Aint:

  • Def poetry slam - no pre-prepped material

  • Showtime at the Apollo - no heckling 

  • Mortified - no reading or notes allowed, just vulnerable and unfiltered stories

  • Self aggrandizing or sales - humility is your friend

  • Grandstanding - honor the time requirements 10 mins (featured); 5 mins (open-micers) 

Denzel Herrera-Davis, founder of Create The Space, hosts this series while sharing stories from his life and the lives of others. The team invites you to come hold space, join the conversation, or get on the mic.  Feel it. Own it. Release it.

Event Info

  • Dates: June 18, 2020
  • Time: 7:00 PM
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