By ChristinaMitchell


Family,food and football ... Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Theres always plenty of turkey at my parents house,along with sides, wine and about six differentdesserts. Everything is delicious and theres so much food we usually eat the leftovers for lunch AND dinner the next day. So its not surprising that we throw the rest in the freezer and start looking for new flavors on Saturday. Where do you eat in when youre tired of turkey?

Thats the question I asked readers, who gave me plenty of suggestions and then voted for their favorites in Oakland:

 Ethiopian Cafe Colucci has lots of flavorful dishes on their menu like Veggie Sambusas, Gomen, Mitten-Shouro, Doro Wot. The owner, Fetlework Tefferi, even wrote a book on Ethiopian Pepper & Spice!

6427 Telegraph Ave. 510-601-7999  


Vietnamese Rang Dong is known for their pho, which is a beef noodle soup. You can add bean sprouts, basil, cilantro and chili peppers after its served, and theres also a veggie option for herbivores.

724 Webster St. 510-835-8375  


Chinese Shan Dongs specialty is probably the hand pulled noodles, but there are other tasty dishes, like the dumplings and the dry braised green beans. This restaurant is almost always packed, so you should go early or late to avoid a wait.

328 10th Street 510-839-2299  


Japanese It was a close race, but Geta Sushi & Bento got the most votes. Sushi, appetizers and entrees are on the menu and its a teeny, tiny restaurant, so small groups are best.

165 41st Street 510-653-4643  


Mexican Nobody suggested any Mexican restaurants, but I crave those flavors after Thanksgiving, so this is my recommendation: Taco Grill. The pozole is hearty and comforting, especially on a cold day, but I hear you cant really gowrong no matter what you order.

3340 East 12th Street, Suite 11 510-534-3752  


Whats your go-to meal post-Thanksgiving? Share your favorites with us!   Learn more about Christina.