Good Good Eatz and the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce joined to create a list of open Oakland Chinatown restaurants to support by ordering takeout/delivery. “Good Good” is the English translation of “Hao Hao/Hou Hou/好好,” representing a spirit of community, and nowhere is that sentiment better represented than over a good meal.  

Support Chinatown restaurants and eat good food here!  


Savory Bites 

名味閣 Ming's Tasty Restaurant 

Traditional Chinese dishes, like steamed and fried dim sum, rice noodle rolls, and wonton soup. 

Ming's Tasty Restaurant Photo

PC: Ming's Tasty Restaurant

錦香 Cam Anh Deli  

Get your banh mi fix with fast, fresh, and convenient Vietnamese fare. 

Banh Mi Sandwich Photo

PC: Cam Anh Deli

螺螄粉 Rʻ Noodles 

Modern interpretations of classic Chinese cuisine, serving handmade noodles. 

R Noodles Photo

PC: R' Noodles


For Your Sweet Tooth

金門餅廠 Fortune Cookie Factory 

Handcrafted fortune cookies and snapdragon cookies in a variety of colorful flavors and toppings. 

Fortune Cookies Photo

PC: Fortune Cookie Factory

心意甜品 Sweetheart Café & Tea 

The O.G. East Bay Bubble Milk Tea. House brewed teas, real fruit smoothies, snacks and desserts. 

Boba Tea Photo

PC: Sweetheart Cafe & Tea

星雨茶座 Shooting Star Café 

Hong Kong diner serving Chinese and American savory dishes, and crave-worthy desserts. 

Shooting Star Desserts Photo

PC: Shooting Star Café

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