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Summer is a magical time in the Fruitvale neighborhood. Paleteros (ice cream street vendors) walk up and down the streets, kids are playing in the plazita by the BART station, and the smell of carne asada grilling outside is in the air. If you're in Oakland during the summer, you can miss a trip to Fruitvale! 

Here are some top places to check out!

1. Enjoy a mangonada at Nieves Cinco de Mayo! There is nothing better to cool down on a hot summer day than a combination of mango, ice cream, and chamoy.

2. Eat a ceviche tostada at Mariscos La Costa. You know those times when you are hungry but is too hot to eat anything, eat ceviche.

3. Grab a local craft beer at Ale Industries! Select from 14 Ale Industries’ BioEnergy Beers available on draft. They encourage you to bring in food and try many of the area's awesome food trucks & eateries nearby. 

4. Get your day started with a concha from Pena’s Bakery. Start your day on a sweet note with some pan dulce, it is all fresh, and if you get there early, your bread will still be warm from the oven. One word, delicious!

5. Enjoy a great cup of coffee at Red Bay Coffee. Visit the brand new cafe and headquarters of the beloved Fruitvale favorite. 

6. Savor some platanos con crema from Los Cocos, Salvadorian Restaurant! If you have not tried cooked bananas with sour cream and beans, you live in a limited world.

7. Savor a coconut flan at Obelisco. Have you ever heard of gluten-free, dairy-free coconut flan? We could not believe it either, but is real and you can find it at Obelisco.

8. Order a breakfast Golden State Man’oushe at Reem’s. Not in the mood for pancakes, how about a man’oushe with scrambled eggs, shakshuka sauce, cherry tomatoes, parsley and goat cheese.

9. Get Guatemalan tamale at El Rinconsito Chapin! Chapines aka Guatemalans have a particular recipe for tamales if you never had a tamale wrapped in banana leaf this is a must. The tamales taste completely different from corn husk tamales and are super delicious.

10. Dinner time is mole time at La Mexicana Restaurant! If you are a mole fan, you have to visit this place. Their mole is finger-licking good and the handmade corn tortillas are a dream come true.

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