Oakland is hella proud. As home to America's oldest gay bar and a number of queer gyms, inclusion and diversity are deep in Oakland’s roots.

One gym - Radically Fit, run by queer fitness trainers, has the mission of serving the LGBTQ/POC community by offering an inclusive, body-positive safe space for anyone to workout. And they are now offering their virtual workouts online. 

Radically Fit trainer taking a break during a 30-Minute Abs & Back Workout

PC: Radically Fit

Get your full-body fit from head to toe with Radically Fit’s youtube videos like their “30-minute abs and glutes” video and “Baes Who Box” video all in the comfort of your home. 


Get Fit

Check out Radically Fit’s Instagram for a schedule of upcoming online workouts, and make sure to check out Radically Fit’s YouTube for the full list workout videos below.