Oakland's waterfront is beautiful, has cool weather, and way more chill than other destinations. People are driving out to San Francisco, and even all the way out to Tiburon... hello? Get yo' life! After reading this, we'll see you out here at the coolest summer spot in the Bay! Here are 11 reasons why Oakland's waterfront activity is just as impressive as your go-to spot! (Photo: Greg Linhares, City of Oakland) 

1. California Canoe & Kayak

It's the middle of July, 92 degrees out, and you come home to an uncomfortably, hot house. Like sweat rolling down your back type of hot... Let's get you out on a stand-up paddle board or kayak while your spot cools down.

2. Passage Nautical

Get your own motor yacht; up to six people out in The Town and set sail for a hella cool boat adventure! Yacht1

3. Harbor Tours

These free tours will give you a front row seat to see the Oakland port and more importantly, get to see the famous Oakland cranes from a closer point of view! These beautiful landmarks are the pride of us Oaklanders and demand you to love them too. Should be an easy ask. cranes1

4. USS Potomac

Impress your followers with a selfie stick photo of you and your friends on FDR's presidential yacht!

5. Tideline Water Taxi

Think of it like an Uber ride but in the water! Make an appointment and take a water tour around the Bay!


6. Rosenblum Cellars

Sip on some wine right next to the ferry station, where you can catch the sunset while you turn up.

7. Brozeit Lokal

Try all the Bavarian beers you can handle right off the water at one of our favorite spots for a drink! Prost!

8. Restaurants

Bocanova, Forge, or Overland? Take your pick because we are sure your taste buds will give yourself a high five after a meal... That totally makes sense.


9. plank

Put on your A's gear and catch a game on the giant screens of plank before picking another activity in Jack London Square.

10. Bay Area Bikes

Hit up Jack London with your bike party crew, and roll out with the homies!


11. Waterfront Accommodations

Hotels like the Waterfront Hotel, Executive Inn& Suites, and the Z Hotel are all walking distance to the stunning Oakland estuary.