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Diversity and waterfront infrastructure combine to make Oakland a compelling place to bike, eat, and hang out. And with an all-too-quick ferry waiting to drop you off in Alameda and downtown San Francisco, you can easily use Oakland as a home base to explore as much of the Bay area as you have time for. Our travel guide offers all the resources for you to plan your #WanderbyBike experience in Oakland.

Biking in Oakland
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We didn’t see much to worry about here. Other people on bikes are everything from “takeout delivery dangling from the bars” to “earbud spandex dropbar commuter,” and they all seemed pretty focused on what they were doing, not what we were doing. Use hand signals when you’re turning, it’s just common sense.

Bike Security

Bring your best lock, try to sit where you can see your bike when you eat, and if possible, bring it inside at night.

Oakland Culture

Oakland has a pretty big car-free mode share, with tons of people opting to get around by bike or transit. And it really, really shows. You can feel it – biking here is quieter and calmer than a city that size might feel otherwise. Take your time and signal your intentions, and you should be delighted with how easy and peaceful it is to bike here.

Blue Heron Bike Shop
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  • Ford GoBike - $2-3 per trip or $10 per day, up to 30 minutes for free, for upright city or electric bike with basket and lights




  • Blue Heron Bikes - Berkeley transportation bike shop selling Brompton, Bullitt, Faraday, Rivendell, Riese & Muller, Soma, Surly, Urban Arrow, Xtracycle and Yuba.

  • Lucky Duck Bicycle Cafe - Oakland bike shop and cafe featuring healthy diner fare with vegan options.

  • Spokes Bike Lounge - Berkeley family bike shop selling Bikes at Work, Bike Friday, Cero, Cleary, Dahon, Felt and Xtracycle.

  • Tip Top Bike Shop - Oakland bike shop selling Brompton, Kona, Surly, Tribe, and Yuba


  • This is Oakland Bike Tour - $75 per person for a great overview of Central Oakland by covering historical, architectural, cultural, sociopolitical and fun facts about the Downtown, Uptown, Jack London, West Oakland, and Grand Lake/Lakeshore neighborhoods.

FordGo Bikes
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Bike Rides That Best Fit Your Style

Circle Lake Merritt on a dedicated bike trail. Its 3.4 miles around the Lake. From there, if you still have energy bike down Grand Avenue, until you come to Piedmont Avenue. Turn left. This will bring you through Grand Lake and Piedmont Avenue neighborhoods with lots of pit stops along the way. Expect a few hills.

Get High Up
From Bay Area Bikes, its about 3.2 miles to the trailhead of the Bay Bridge. Then an additional 2.2 miles of trail. Or you can take public transit or BART to the trailhead. 

Power Biker
There are miles of dedicated bike trails in Joaquin Miller Park and Redwood Regional Park. You'll want to drive or take public transit to the trailheads.

Great Views
Just west of Bay Area Bikes near the Port of Oakland is picturesque Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, with dedicated bike trails that are part of San Francisco Bay Trail system, skimming the shoreline of the Bay with lots of bird life and views.

Stay in Oakland, hit the 4 breweries in Jack London Square, bike around awesome Lake Merritt, bike 7 miles north and grab some records at Amoeba, use the ferries to go to Almanac Brewery on Alameda, hit the museums and parks in San Francisco…you have too many choices, and they’re all so easy.

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