Our beloved A's are back to make another push for their 5th Oakland World Series championship. Billy may have traded away some familiar faces on the field but but you'll recognize a few others in the stands at O.co Coliseum this summer. Get your tickets today!

The Beards


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Real or otherwise.

The Kids

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So. Cute.

The Couple

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The couple who A's together, stays together.

The Season Ticket Holder

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If you've got questions, he's got answers and some extra enthusiasm.

The Die Hard

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Love the ink.


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They may not be in the stands but they will be around The Town.

This Girl

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Maybe notthisspecific one but definitely the one taking more selfies than needed.

The Bleacher Creatures


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They'll never let you down.

The Kids, Again


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Did we mention how cute they are?