Oakland, not to be outdone by our neighbors to the west, has a longstanding history with Hollywood. Quite a few movies have been filmed here and we've had quite a few actors make it as well. Check out a few of our favorites.

Quick Jump List
  1. Tom Hanks
  2. Zendaya
  3. Clint Eastwood
  4. Mark Curry
  5. Mahershala Ali
  6. Shemar Moore
  7. Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee
  8. Lyndsy Fonseca
  9. Mark Hamill

Tom Hanks in Forest Gump


1. Tom Hanks

(Forest Gump, Toy Story, Saving Private Ryan, Captain Phillips, Da Vinci Code)

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks has a talent that Oaklander's and a large portion of the world love; and that is his ability to make us feel. He had us tearing up and maybe even giggling a little when he became hysterical after losing a volleyball in the movie Cast Away. He taught us to be ourselves no matter what when explaining to the president his need to urinate in the movie Forest Gump. For most millennials, he made us hug our toys tighter at night giving us hope they were actually hugging us back once we've fallen asleep. Tom Hanks graduated from Skyline High School here in Oakland in 1974, and will always be an Oaklander!


Zendaya at a Local Game


2. Zendaya

(K.C. Undercover, Shake It Up, Zapped)

She was born in Oakland and can be remembered from her role being a teen realizing her dancing dreams becoming reality in the TV Series, Shake It Up. If that doesn't ring any bells, you can catch her in Spider-Man: Homecoming!


Clint Eastwood


3. Clint Eastwood

(Man with No Name, Sudden Impact, Dirty Harry, Gran Torino)

Mr. Eastwood is class of 1949 at Oakland Technical High School. Clints got Four Academy Awards and three Golden Globe Awards so it's easy to see why we are very prideful of calling him an Oaklander. He also attended Piedmont High School until he rode his bike on the school's sports field and tore up the wet turf. Once a badass, always a badass.


Mark Curry


4. Mark Curry

(Hangin' with Mr. Cooper)

It's not hard to see that he was a class clown, but this Oakland-born comedian wasn't into all that until after college. He worked at a drugstore and practiced his act with regular customers who encouraged him to jump into stand-up! You can catch him on Too $hort's "I Ain't Trippin" music video with an A's hat on! One random fact is that he is one of 9 children.



Mahershala Ali


5. Mahershala Ali


(Moonlight, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, House of Cards, The Hunger Games)

Born in Oakland, Mahershala Ali played ball for St. Mary's college back in the day. Might be the most demanded person in Hollywood these days because of his award-winning performance in the movie Moonlight. You can also catch him in Luke Cage and House of Cards, both Netflix series'. 


Shemar Moore in a beanie


6. Shemar Moore

(Criminal Minds, The Young and the Restless, host of Soul Train)

If your eyes weren't melting off your face watching Shemar Moore on the soap opera, The Young and The Restless, then you were probably too busy mopping your drool off the floor watching him on Criminal Minds. The former Soul Train host was born in Oakland who modeled his way through college.


Bruce Lee poses with hand out


7. Bruce Lee & Brandon Lee (son)

(Enter the Dragon, The Green Hornet)

I'm sure you are aware that Bruce Lee remains the greatest icon of martial arts cinema... duh! After dropping out of college, he moved to Oakland in 1964 and founded the second Jun Fan martial art studio in Oakland. Brandon Lee, son of Bruce was born in The Town.


Lyndsy Fonesca with bangs


8. Lyndsy Fonseca

(Kick-Ass, Nikita, How I Met Your Mother)

This bombshell was born right here in The Town! You can catch her being "that girl" in Kick-Ass. She was even on Malcolm in The Middle and Phil of the Future... for the millennials out there.


Mark Hamill


9. Mark Hamill


Luke Skywalker, in all his glory was born right here in Oakland! Aside from him kissing his sister, Princess Leia, and his hairstyle choices (rocking that bowl cut)... we are proud to call him an Oaklander!