Warrriorrrrrs come out to plaaaaaayyy. Oops wrong warriors but the Golden State Warriors are primed to be one of the NBAs best teams this season. That alone is enough to head down to the Oracle Arena for a game or ten, but weve got a few other things you need to be in the building to experience.

The Fast Pace

The Dubs play at lightening speed. Fast breaks, big dunks, long threes. The entertainment value will be brought every, single, night. Dont miss it.

Exciting Crowd

Be a part of the energy and one of the leagues most raucous crowds. The crowd feeds off the players and the players feed off the crowd. Stay pumped up and make sure youre on point with your Warriors chants!

Steph Curry fans

Splash Brothers

Curry for threeeeee. Thompson for threeeesplash. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson can straight up shoot the J, and they will, a lot. Enjoy the long range.

High Flyers

You want dunks? The Dubs can dunk. Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes will have you saying OHHHHHH, did you see that?!?! the entire game. Posterization mementos available at the Warriors store.

Warriors Dance Team

Beautiful and talented. Thats all you need. Okay, now go get your tickets, and well see you at the games.