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Ways to Support Laurel Businesses

The Laurel Business Improvement District compiled a detailed list of the neighborhood’s open businesses to shop at. Find out how you can support this vibrant neighborhood below! Shopping Shop Oakland goods online, purchase a gift card, or donate to a local business. PC: Beast Oakland Beast…

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Ways to Support Temescal Businesses

The Temescal Business Improvement District compiled a detailed list of the neighborhood’s open businesses to shot at. Here are some ways to support these businesses so they can continue to offer thoughtfully curated and unique goods, services, and delicious food. Shopping Shop Oakland goods…

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Oakland Shops to Fulfill Your Year-round Gift Buying Needs

When it comes to finding unique gifts for all tastes and occasions, The Town is the place to look. We may not have your typical commercial malls, but to us, it is the surplus of mom-and-pop shops and POC-owned brick and mortars that spark all the joy and carry the best gems. Whether you are in search of a niche boutique selling gorgeous handcrafted jewelry, or an eclectic gift shop that’s candle, tech accessory and home decor galore, there is a perfect place for you. Here are eight unique gift shops all across The Town that can help you take the stress out of shopping for people. This blog post may not include every gift shop in Oakland. We welcome you to share your favorites in the comments down below…

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Vintage Treasure Hunt Through Oakland

Oakland is certainly not a one-note town - its diversity and multicultural tapestry are legendary, and the creativity that flows from that influences everything in the city, including the vintage clothing stores. And those aren’t one note either. Almost all feature additional temptations including vinyl records…

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8 Unique Shops in Oakland, CA

While nobody should leave Oakland without a "I Hella <3 Oakland" shirt, there is a little more to our shops than your typical souvenir tees. We've compiled a list of 8 shops that are definitely as unique and diverse as The Town itself, and should be added to any shopping itinerary during your visit…

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5 Oakland Stores to Hit For Plaid Friday

Holiday shopping; its a war out there. Not literally of course but those Black Friday lines, the over aggressive shopper fighting you for the Tickle Me Elmo (or whatever the kids are playing with these days), the retail staff filled with anything but cheer, who needs it? Not Oakland, as evidenced by the 6 th annual Plaid Friday. Plaid Friday encourages holiday bargain hunters to shop locally and support independent Oakland businesses. The Oakland Grown event is always a hit in The Town and this year will be no different with over 40 local businesses participating. Get more info on Plaid Friday here but for now take a look at a few stores were jazzed about for the holiday…

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