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Its a new year, which means millions of people have made the resolution to get healthy. Of course, there are a number of ways to do it but we are going to recommend you do it the Oakland way. 

Oakland's waterfront is beautiful, has cool weather, and way more chill than other destinations. People are driving out to San Francisco, and even all the way out to Tiburon... hello? Get yo' life! After reading this, we'll see you out here at the coolest summer spot in the Bay! Here are 11 reasons why Oakland's waterfront activity is just as impressive as your go-to spot! (Photo: Greg Linhares, City of Oakland) 

Often when we tell people that were going hiking, deep into fairytale forests, in Oakland, there's a collective eye rolling. Oakland, they think, is so urban. Yet, 20 minutes from downtown, up in the Oakland Hills, groves of gigantic redwoods, oaks and eucalyptuses are waiting for anyone to hug them. Here are a few forest trails to try.

Oakland is a two-wheel kind of town. Bikes are part of life: Its home to the annual Oaklava, a day in June when miles of streets are closed to traffic; and social activist bike group Red, Bike, and Green, which promotes cycling in African-American neighborhoods.


 I have a passion for hiking, which has taken me to the John Muir Trail in the Sierra, to Patagonia, and to Mount Kilimanjaros 19,341-ft. summit. Long-distance hikes such as these require trainingand Oakland is a fantastic place to achieve fitness goals of whatever level desired. We have pretty great weather year-round, we have a variety of parks and open spaces to enjoy, and we have several groups to hike with to explore the city.