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We spend a lot of time telling you how Oakland is the Sunny Side of the Bay, but from time to time we'll get rain as well. Don't worry though, that doesn't stop us from having a good time. Here is a quick guide on where to go if you are looking to run inside and escape the rain. 

The Warriors are on the hunt for a second straight NBA title, and we have been inspired by their “Strength in Numbers” campaign. If you are in Oakland during this year’s playoffs, here is how you can make the most of your visit to the Town when you aren't cheering the Dubs to victory at Oracle Arena. As you are out exploring Oakland, make sure to tag your photos with #Oaklandloveit so we can share them! 

Whether you live and breathe Oakland, are a newbie to our Town scene, or just a movie fanatic, learning that some of your favorite movies were filmed close by is always fun. Here are a few of our favorites, feel free to add these places to your where to take a selfie list.

The oxyacetylene torch is always fired up in Oakland, the heart of DIY culture. The maker community is super strong; and, there may very well be an abnormal amount of sewing machines, and mechanical pieces waiting to be fixed, assembled and retrofitted. Add onto that a serious urban farming culture where homesteaders are rabid for classes on backyard chickens and apple-tree growing.

Once in a while, you might do a double take when you see a familiar face in Oakland. Its not uncommon to run into a famous musician or world-renowned artist on the streets of The Town. Here are a few familiars that you might bump into. '

By Karin Swanson / Matador Network

THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON IN OAKLAND that using it as a mere stopover en route to somewhere else doesn't make much sense. But you can't look at a map without noticing the city's proximity to a whole host of pretty amazing places. Here are some ideas for which way to point yourself when you're finally ready to leave town, or just looking for an epic day trip.