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From Pop-Ups to Delivering Groceries, Oakland Caterers Got You Covered

For Oakland Restaurant (and More) Week,we look at all the businesses that make up Oakland’s culinary fabric.   Caterers can not only make an occasion extra special by offering services for a privately catered function, but have also stepped in during COVID-19 to support local bars with meals to sell, feed the local community through charity initiatives and enrich our daily routines with online culinary classes.   Montperi Catering, for example, is doing a number of holiday specials as well as fun online courses.  “Oakland is such an amazingly strong food community,” said Amanda Pinkham, owner of Montperi Catering. “We are so blessed to be working with organizations to help feed the people in our city, and to have the support of the residents who continue to order and host small events!”  Looking ahead in 2021 to when Shelter-in-Place orders will be lifted, here are some reasons why Oaklanders should consider caterers:  Purchasing direct helps support local businesses instead of what can be expensive online delivery apps.    Some caterers offer daily meal plans so you don’t have to worry about going to the grocery store.   Caterers can bring food to your favorite venue or to your house for a special event (like a birthday).     Whether you enjoy their food via a virtual class or in person, here’s some caterers to support in 2021: …

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Oakland’s Independent, Local Markets to Support

For Oakland Restaurant (and More) Week, we look at the businesses – in addition to restaurants – that have been nourishing Oakland’s communities.  Oakland is home to a number of independent grocery stores with deep connections to local communities, often times filling gaps in fresh, affordable groceries for Oakland’s communities of color.   Yolanda Romo, one of the members from the DEEP Grocery Cooperative (formerly known as the East Oakland Grocery Cooperative), has taken on the mission to provide a reliable grocery store in Deep East Oakland - reliable meaning options in dairy, meat, produce that’s fresh, organic and affordable.   “East Oakland residents are surrounded by liquor stores and major supermarkets that give highly processed or not the freshest food. DEEP Grocery Cooperative is a remedy to that." DEEP Grocery started selling at AKOMA Market, a local open-air market put on by Black Cultural Zone to give a vending space to Oakland’s Black and Brown businesses. While DEEP Grocery is prioritizing finding a brick-and-mortar space, seeking fundraising and looking for a fiscal sponsor, the cooperative’s mission and vision remains as important as ever:   “The DEEP is a worker-owned grocery cooperative dedicated to restoring East Oakland’s community through fresh organic produce, community education, and cooperative economics, prioritizing the wellbeing of Black and Brown people.” …

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Where to Get a Beer in Oakland

The Oktober festivals may be over, but October (or any month really) is still a great time to go grab a beer. Beer snobs and casual enthusiasts alike can agree Oakland is full great bars and its beer scene is a big reason why…

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Ultimate Pit Stop in Oakland

As you plan your epic drive across every county line possible following Shelter in Place, add Oakland to the itinerary on your ultimate road trip adventure. The Town will send you onward with a full belly, and a longing to return for a proper visit the next time around (guaranteed to one-up the gas…

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Ways to Support Chinatown Local Businesses

Good Good Eatz and the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce joined to create a list of open Oakland Chinatown restaurants to support by ordering takeout/delivery. “Good Good” is the English translation of “Hao Hao/Hou Hou/好好,” representing a spirit of community, and nowhere is that sentiment better…

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Ways to Support Fruitvale Local Businesses

Get a taste of Fruitvale and support the small businesses that keep this neighborhood authentically Oakland. The Fruitvale Business Improvement District and The Unity Council joined to compile a detailed list and map of the neighborhood’s mom-and-pop shops and restaurants open for business. PC:…

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Ways to Support Jack London Businesses

The Jack London Business Improvement District compiled a detailed list of their open businesses as a resource for the Jack London community to find food and drinks, as well as goods and services nearby. Here are some ways to support these local businesses! Arts PC: Wine & Design Wine & Design…

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Ways to Support Laurel Businesses

The Laurel Business Improvement District compiled a detailed list of the neighborhood’s open businesses to shop at. Find out how you can support this vibrant neighborhood below! Shopping Shop Oakland goods online, purchase a gift card, or donate to a local business. PC: Beast Oakland Beast…

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Ways to Support Temescal Businesses

The Temescal Business Improvement District compiled a detailed list of the neighborhood’s open businesses to shot at. Here are some ways to support these businesses so they can continue to offer thoughtfully curated and unique goods, services, and delicious food. Shopping Shop Oakland goods…

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