Zandra Drysdale, Sales Coordinator

Zandra Drysdale

Q. If this was your last day on Earth, where in Oakland would you dine?
You can’t go wrong with a slice of pizza on your last day alive, especially from Zachary’s Pizza in North Oakland.

Q. Where is the first place you take your friends and family from out of town in Oakland?
Lake Merritt. My favorite part is seeing my friends and family’s reaction. They never expected Lake Merritt to be in the central of Oakland. There is a Boat Center off the lake, where you can rent a kayak, canoe, or a sail boat to take around the lake to see the spectacular view of the Hills.

Q. What’s your favorite secret spot in Oakland?
New Parkway Theater. The unique seating arrangements and vintage theater style is memorable, especially since the Theater was built from the hands of the Oakland Community. 

Q. Where would someone most likely find you on the weekend?
I love starting my weekend off with a morning hike by the Redwood Regional Park.  There are so many trails that will bring you on top of Oakland to see the Bay views. 

Q. Describe your Oakland in 3 words?
Underestimated, Confident, Unforgettable

Q. Where is one of your favorite travel destinations in the world?
Sydney, Australia

Q. What is your go-to happy hour drink?
Irish coffee, especially from The Fat Lady located in Jack London Square.

Q. What do you love about your job?
The dynamic of Visit Oaklands Team is the epitome of Teamwork. This open door has allowed me to meet incredible leaders and expose them to Oakland’s magic. 

Q. Describe who you are in 140 characters or less.
Will win in a debate to why the glass IS half full. Connoisseur of junk food.  Easily distracted by a sunset.  Jimi Hendrix saved my life. 

Q. Best place to shop in Oakland?
Rockridge Oakland, you can spend the whole day walking up and down the strip where you will find the styles that represent Oakland.