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Nancy Sarpa-Samuelson, Vice President of Marketing

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Nancy Sarpa-SamuelsonQ. If this was your last day on Earth, where in Oakland would you dine?
Camino on Grand Ave.

Q. Where is the first place you take your friends and family from out of town in Oakland?
Lake Merritt and Lake Chalet

Q. What’s your favorite secret spot in Oakland?
Qui Dumpling House –their Sizzling Rice Soup is amazing

Q. Where would someone most likely find you on the weekend?
Hiking at Joaquin Miller Park.

Q. Describe your Oakland in 3 words?
Exciting, Entertaining, Expressive

Q. Where is one of your favorite travel destinations in the world?
Maui, HI

Q. What is your go-to happy hour drink?
Craft Beer

Q. What do you love about your job?
Seeing the surprise and delight of introducing people to Oakland.

Q. Describe who you are in 140 characters or less.
A Bay Area native, who is happy to return home after working in the Coachella Valley to be with family and friends. Excited to market Oakland to travelers worldwide. 

Q. Best place to shop in Oakland?
Rockridge & Telegraph Ave.

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